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Womens Ruby Rings Designs With Price (2018)

Experience Diamond & Gold India Style with this video showcasing a stunning range of Ruby Rings for Women. These designs are from Bluestone and they offer EMI Pay Monthly Plans for a convenient payment plan.

This isn’t just your standard jewellery designs video, we seek to make it a journey and give you pleasure in browsing for new jewellery. This selection of Ruby Rings and More Can be found below, you may also be interested in viewing an exquisite range of Candere by Kalyan Jewellers Ruby Rings.

Watch Video To Experience These Ruby Ring Designs, buy the items shown below on Bluestone.com.

Ruby Ring Details:

The Flirtini Diamond Gold Ring with Ruby by BlueStone

Ruby Rings by BlueStone

The Ruby is said to bring the flame of passion into the life of the wearer, bringing protection from the darkness on all levels and planes – while bringing creativity and expanding one’s awareness of possibilities.

The symbol of the eye, which offers protection, wisdom, and foresight goes great with the ruby on the metaphysical level.

For appearance, its just dazzling and is sure to be well received by a loved one, making a perfect gift for special occasions including engagements. The adorned diamond completes the dazzling look of this ruby ring, giving it definition and all the amazing qualities of this most sought after of Gems.

This is a beautiful piece and can be purchased online via BlueStone, click the image or the link below to buy this ruby ring. Delivered within India and Price is in Indian Rupees.

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5.23 Grams of 18kt Gold, 0.182 carats of Diamond and multiple synthetic rubies. One large solitaire Ruby.

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Ruby Gemstone Properties

Ruby is often refered to as the Stone of Nobility, the red glow is believed to of came from an internal flame that no human could extinguish giving it a significant spiritual status. Furthermore, its believed to be one of the most powerful gifts in honour of both Krishna and Buddha.

Ruby Birthstone

Its regarded as the Modern and Mystical Birthstone for July while being the Ayurvedic one for both July & December. This Stone is the Anniversary Stone for the 15th, 40th and 80th years.

Talisman Stone for Pisces

Chakra Properties of Ruby

Ruby is used to opening, activate and energize the root chakra which then sends this replenishing force up through all chakras. It’s very good for the heart chakra subsequently ideal in rings & other jewellery when it comes to matters of the heart.

The Julius Diamond Ruby Ring by BlueStone

Diamond & Ruby Solitaire Ring Design

2.57 Grams of 18kt Gold, 0.318 carats of Diamond and multiple synthetic rubies. One large solitaire Ruby in the centre of the ring.

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BlueStone – The Mckenna Rose Gold Ruby RingRose Gold Ruby Ring Design

8.36 Grams of 18kt Rose Gold, 0.474 carats of Diamond and multiple synthetic rubies. One large Ruby as the stunning centrepiece of the design.

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The Suneha Diamond Solitaire Ruby Ring

Teardrop Ruby Solitaire Ring

3.87 Grams of 18kt Gold, 0.393 carats of Diamond and a Solitaire Ruby as the focal point of this design.

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KuberBox 18KT Yellow Gold, Diamond and Ruby Ring for Women

Rs. 41,946
Rs. 37,283
 in stock
as of October 4, 2022 11:04 am


  • KuberBox 18KT Yellow Gold, Diamond and Ruby Ring for Women
  • This ring is made of 18KT yellow gold
  • BIS hallmarked
  • Adorned with real diamonds and ruby
  • The diamond is certified and has SGL certificate
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