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Rani Haar – The Necklace of Royalty

What is a Rani Haar?

The name Rani implies “queen’s necklace.” The term Rani haar refers to long, magnificent neckpieces that turn heads and attract attention. The Rani haar is longer and more regal than a necklace, with multiple layers and a pendant.

No longer just for Queens, any bride can wear the Rani Haar on her wedding day or other formal occasions.

Rani Haar

Raani haars are frequently adorned with rubies, emeralds, or even diamonds and pearls, and they’re quite beautiful. Rani Haar is a strong and unique piece of jewellery that every Indian bride should consider wearing on her wedding day.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are typically longer necklaces. The most common styles for Indian brides are the long straight line with multiple pendants or triangular shaped with a single pendant.

Uniquely beautiful, this piece of jewellery provides a strong statement when paired with a bright red sari and a bright red bindi.

The Rani Haar Necklace is typically worn by Indian brides on their wedding day, but it can also be worn at other formal events such as receptions.

Although the design of this necklace may vary depending on where you buy it from, the important thing is that it is shorter than a lehenga, so you can dance comfortably.

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The Story Behind It

The story behind this necklace is as beautiful as it is interesting. It was created as a way to stop wars and infighting between neighbouring rulers in order to save Rajput culture and tradition.

Rajasthan had a large number of rulers throughout the 1700s who all desired to dominate various regions within the state. The rulers were continually battling and murdering each other in order to grow their own domains.

In 1736, Maharaja Bhim Singh of Marwar had a notion to put an end to all inter-state conflict and bloodshed. He was getting married that year, so he thought about inviting all of the rulers to his wedding since they would be unable to fight if they were gathered together at one location.

He called it a “Rajput Sanjhi Virasat Bachao Samelan”, which means “conference to save the culture and tradition of the Rajputs.” At this conference, Bhim Singh made a pact with his neighbour rulers to stop fighting and infighting. The rulers agreed and decided that they would all pay homage to Bhim Singh’s court.

The rulers, in order to show their deference, took a piece of jewellery from their wives and offered it as a token of reverence. The Rani haar, or queen’s necklace, is the result of this.

One thing that makes the Rani Haar Necklace so special is its historic significance. Although it can be found all over India today, this piece was originally worn in Rajasthan and was created as a way to stop the violence. This necklace has been worn for over three hundred years and continues to be popular today.

The Rani Haar Necklace is a beautiful and historic piece of jewellery that must be treasured by every woman. It makes for an incredible heirloom that can be passed down from mother to daughter for years to come.

When is the Rani Haar worn?

The Rani Haar is worn during special occasions, typically weddings or receptions, but can be styled with any outfit for any formal occasion.

It’s been worn by women and girls throughout India for over three hundred years, the Rani Haar Necklace has been a staple in Indian weddings and special occasions. The Rani Haar has been worn by Bollywood celebrities, Queens from the past, brides from India, and increasingly people all over the world.

Styles and Designs

The most common shapes and styles that were worn by queens over three hundred years ago are now popular again today. The long line with many pendants is one of the most common forms but there are also triangular pieces with only one singular pendant that are sometimes called Gold Harams.

The long line with many pendants is one of the most common forms but there are also triangular pieces with only one singular pendant which makes for a more unique accessory. Whatever style you choose, this necklace will certainly add some charm to your outfit!

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