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Pretty Womens Emerald Rings Designs With Price

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This video journey gives you a 360 look into a stunning range of Emerald Rings for Women. These Emerald designs are from trusted and leading jeweller – Bluestone.

This isn’t just your standard jewellery designs video, we seek to make it a journey and give you great emotion as well as pleasure in your search for new jewellery!

These fabulous Emerald Rings and Many More Can be found as you scroll down this page.

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Green Emerald Ring Details:

Emerald is sometimes called the Stone of Successful Love, being a beautiful green colour it’s associated with the Heart Chakra, bringing soothing energy through all levels of being. Several traits attached to the Emerald Gemstone are Infinite Patience, Unity, Compassion and Unconditional Love. A Green Emerald Ring would make an excellent gift for a loved one.

1. The Keziah Diamond Emerald Ring 

Diamond & Emerald Solitaire Ring Design

3.68 Grams of 18kt Gold, 0.252 carats of Diamond with One large solitaire emerald at the head.

Price as of 05/08/2018 = 28, 088 Rs

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2. The Shino Green Emerald Ring

Yellow Gold Emerald Ring from BlueStone

6.63 Grams of 18kt Gold and multiple synthetic emeralds.

Price as of 05/08/2018 = 22, 238 Rs

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3. The Magicians Gold Emerald RingEmerald Solitaire Engagement Ring With Diamonds

6.73 Grams of 18kt Yellow Gold, 0.116 carats of Diamond and a solitaire Emerald at its peak to complete this impressive Emerald Ring Design from Bluestone.

Price as of 05/08/2018 = 25, 958 Rs

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4. The Atlantis Solitaire Emerald Ring

White Gold Emerald Engagement Ring Design

3 Grams of 18kt White Gold, 0.39 carats of Diamonds and a Solitaire Emerald giving this ring the wow factor!

Price as of 05/08/2018 = 36, 287 Rs

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If None of These is what you want, try searching Amazon for Emerald Rings for Women. Alternatively Maybe Red would look better? Check out our Ruby Ring Designs Video!


See a couple of Fancy Emerald Ring Designs Below:


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