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PC Chandra Gold Bangles Designs with Price

A stunning collection of 22K Yellow Gold Bangles of exquisite beauty and hefty weights. These Pieces are shown with price and weight, with links to Buy these PC Chandra Bangles Online.

PC Chandra Jewellers

Explore the PC Chandra Gold Bangles Collection, Enjoy these 10 Beautiful Designer 22K Gold Bangles shown with Price & Weight, the range includes Regular Solid Gold and Kangan Style Designs to suit a range of tastes.

PC Chandra are known for their range of highly detailed and value for money Gold Bangles and Kangans, if your unable to find a design in this video you can find more on the retailers website. 100’s of different Bangle Designs are available such as 10KT, 18Kt, 22Kt and 24Kt Yellow Gold Bangles.

Please beware – Gold Prices are volatile and so prices shown are only correct for the day this post was published. Check Retailer through the Buy Here link to get latest prices.

Watch These Bangle Designs Below

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