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Mens Gold Chain Designs with Price & Weight (2019)

Latest Mens Gold Chain Designs (2019)

Wanting to buy these stylish Plain Gold Gold Chain Designs from Kalyan Jewellers in this video? Just scroll down take a look at the images below and simply click the button to begin your journey to purchasing these incredible Mens Chains in 22k Gold.

These are the perfect choices for the man seeking to really stand out, wherever he may be. These Chains for Men in Gold are our favourite from the Kalyan Jewellers . Each of these Mens Jewellery Designs are shown with Price & Weight – See Video or Click Buy Now to see full details of the Mens Gold Chain Designs among those we have showcased.

We have displayed just 10 of the best, but Kalyan Jewellers via Candere have a huge selection of high quality and completely customizable Gold Chain Designs for Men. Your sure to find the style you want, at an excellent price with great deals coming up frequently such as the July 2019 – 60% Off Making Charge one. Making these stunning pieces significantly cheaper than the price listed in our video.

Take a look at the Latest Kalyan Jewellers Mens Gold Chain Designs below.

This Range of Mens Gold Chain Designs are some of the finest available. With a variety of link styles to choose from with full customization of length and even thickness on some.

These are Heavy Chains with Gold ranging from 10 to 50 grams in weight, depending on length chosen, which will obviously alter the final price and 22k gold content.

The Video shows Price and Weight assuming the Gold Chains for Men are 20 Inches long, but you can pick from lengths between 16 and 28 when buying these online at Kalyan Jewellers using the ‘Buy Here’ Button Above.

Gold Chains are popular pieces of Mens Gold Jewellery, with many choosing to wear one daily and these are in 22k gold which is often a must within India – with lower purity gold often looked down on.

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