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Latest Simple Plain Gold Necklace Designs With Price (2018)

Beautifully Showcased Motion Simple Gold Necklace Designs from Bluestone, 3 22Kt and 1 18kt Plain Gold Necklaces viewable.

See The Latest Gold Jewellery Designs in Style with Diamond and Gold India.

There are a huge range of Necklace designs with diamonds, rubies, and those with very intricate designs but sometimes the perfect style is something simple and plain. These Gold Necklace Designs are just that and you can find more Simple Gold Necklaces in our Affiliate Store.

The pieces are as follows:

1. The Bambuk Stick 22Kt Plain Gold Necklace in 10.3 Grams
2. The Shaze 18kt Simple Gold Necklace in 6.4 Grams
3. The Freida 22kt Simple Plain Gold Necklace in 15.512 Grams
4. The Lau Stations Plain Simple Gold Necklace Design in 22.46 Grams

All can be purchased from Bluestone Here.

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