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Latest Maharashtrian Gold Nath Designs with Price

The Marathi Nath

Learn More About This Unique Design

The Maharashtrian Nath is a style of bridal nose ring worn by Marathi brides on their wedding day and often times after. Across India the styles of Nose Rings vary by region from the elaborate Punjabi Nath encompassing a decorated nose hoop and and an often beautiful connecting chain studded with gemstones (often Kundan). To the simple Mukuthi Nose Ring of the Karnataka and Kerala regions which exemplify the desire for simplicity in this regard among Southern Indian Women. 

These Marathi Nose Rings are sometimes called Moti or Banu Naths,  with history showing that many royal women have worn these delightful jewellery pieces, traditional to the Maharashtra people. 

The Marathi Nath sits somewhere in between, neither a simple design but also not excessively extravagant like the Punjabi Nath. It can be best described as a gem studded Nose Ring with a unique and colourful beauty. Its easy to wear and light enough for clip-on versions to be comfortable, so those without their nose pierced can enjoy the vibrant Marathi style on their wedding day.

Marathi Women certainly love to wear the Nath on their Wedding day but also for other special events such poojas, other peoples weddings and other auspicious occasions.

Gold Nath Designs

The Maharashtrian Nath Designs shown here include both regular and clip-on styles, with the best prices shown from various retailers and jewellers that sell the Marathi Nath Online.

Below you will find a large selection of pure gold Maharasthra Nath Designs with precious jewels. These start from prices of approximately 9,000 INR up to 31,000 INR.

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