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Latest Gold Kangan Designs with Price & Weight (2019)

22K Gold Kangan Designs

Collection of Kangan Designs in 22K Gold, Shown with Price & Weight.

If your looking for some of the latest Gold Kangan Designs, with the ability to actually buy them – you’re in the right place!

If you liked any of the Kangan Bangles in the video above –  take a look at the Gold Kangan images further down, then press ‘Buy Here’ to begin your journey to getting yourself the perfect 22K Gold Kangan Bangle.

These are a handpicked selection of what we believe are the most unusual, diverse and most beautiful Kangan Designs in Gold that we could find.

You can find a variety of styles such as traditional, ethnic and contemporary among this Broad Bangles Collection – these are often reserved for weddings and Bridal then remaining in the family for generations to come.

Gold Bangles are an essential part of a Married Womens daily wear, with it being an expectation in some regions of India. Kangan Bangles Designs are wider and heavier than more regular types, often weighing 50 grams or more. These types are usually only worn for specific special events, then stored away for safe keeping and as a way of increasing the families level of gold and status.

Consider taking a look at the complete Kangan Gold Bangles Collection from Kalyan Jewellers via Candere – they offer full customization in size and thickness on some. This will of course alter the price, but you can be sure to find the 22k Gold Kangan you like in the fit you require.


Latest Offers on Womens Gold Kangan Bangles!


Candere by Kalyan Jewellers offer frequent promotions, deals and special offers on 22 Karat Gold Kangan Designs.

If your looking for standard or Slim Gold Bangles, you should take a look at these 20 Gram Gold Bangles Designs or Churi Designs.

You are certain to find the Womens Gold Jewellery on show here, far cheaper through one of their great deals – with July 2019 offering 50% Off making Charges. So if your looking to buy today, you can save up to 20% on listed price in the video!

Gold Kangans for Women

These Womens Broad Bangles are mostly in Solid Plain Gold with a few coming adorned with Kundan and Kemp Gemstones, adding a bit of flair to these Bangle designs on offer.

The Gold Kangan is a broad and Heavy Gold Bangle Design often reserved for special occasions due to their weight, size and considerable cost. you can purchase them via the link below while seeing best deals on this gold jewellery design type.

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