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Beautiful Gold Maang Tikka Designs With Price


This article will list some beautiful Kundan Gold Maang Tikka Designs, with prices available by clicking the appropriate image. Firstly, however, we will take a look at what the Maang Tikka is – if you’re looking for the designs keep scrolling.

What is a Maang Tikka?

The Maang Tikka is an essential part of a Brides Wedding Jewellery although it is also ok to wear on other special occasions. This piece of jewellery is tied to the hair in such a way that it then rests on the forehead of the women, it’s a stunning part of the bridal collection and ensures a beautiful aura.

Where does the Maang Tikka Originate from?

The style comes from ancient scriptures and has been commonly depicted in historic paintings, statues and other artefacts. The Maang Tikka was worn throughout Indian history, with it being adorned by both men and women in ancient times.

It has been reported to have a tantric connection, with it being designed in a way that results in it sitting over the third eye or the 6th chakra (Ajna) – representing the power of the soul. Its placement in the area representing the mind signifies the power of focus and emotional control.

It’s an extremely popular piece in India but is also becoming more so in the rest of the world. You can read more about the significance of the Maang Tikka in Indian Traditions here.

What Does an Indian Bride Wear?

Different Maang TIkka Styles

There are multiple different styles of Maang Tikka that women might desire.

Bridal Maang Tikka

A popular variant is the Bridal Maang Tikka – this has 2 strings attached often gold chains or even covered in diamonds which are then attached to the hair, ensuring the Maang Tikka is held in place. This is the traditional style and gives a nice Indian Ethnic Appearance.

Bor Maang Tikka

This particular type is predominantly worn by women in Rajasthan, this variant uses a single string tikka which is pinned to the top of the head. It’s a simplistic design which is lightweight and is sometimes worn on the side of the head instead of the forehead.

Kundan Maang Tikka

The word Kundan means highly refined gold, indicating only the highest purity and quality of gold is used in the design of such jewellery. Kundan style Maang Tikkas are generally the highest quality and furnished with gemstones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Kundan style jewellery comes from the Rajasthan region of India – Jaipur being the traditional centre for Kundan Jewellery.

This beautiful hair accessory is held with a hook in the middle of the hair, with the hanging part falling to the center of the forehead. It is believed that the point where this ornament falls is the Ajna chakra, which in Sanskrit means “to know or to perceive”. The chakra is represented by two petals that signify the sacred union of man and woman on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

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