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The Jewellery an Indian Bride Wears on Her Wedding Day

Wedding events are the greatest celebrations of love, sophistication and abundance. Everything about a wedding event, starting from the theme, is of great value to making the day unforgettable. Undeniably, the centermost attraction of every wedding event is the stunning bride-to-be. All eyes are on her and her timeless appeal as she walks down the aisle decorated in the finest of clothes and jewellery. If you are a bride, preparing to connect the eternal knot with the love of your life, here is a list of vital jewellery that will make you look spectacular and heavenly on your special day.

Rani Haar

Rani haar, as the name suggests, is a neckpiece for the queens. Raani haars are long, stunning neckpieces that turn eyes and heads alike. Rather than a pendant, a raani haar is substantially longer and regal, having different layers and a pendant. Raani haars are often studded with rubies, emeralds or perhaps diamonds and pearls and are irresistibly stunning and have a royal touch to them. Raani haar is a vibrant and standalone piece of jewellery, and no Indian bride-to-be must miss out on an opportunity to don this regal chain of excellence on her wedding day.

Indian Bride Tries on Many Rani Haar Necklaces

Indian Bride Trying on Different Rani Haar Necklaces & Other Wedding Jewellery.


Nathiya, Nath or Nose Ring

The Gold Nath is the most fabulous facial highlight of the standard bride. Even a relatively simple Nath Design can take you back in time, thanks to the standard quality that can be immediately attributed to them. If you have actually chosen heavy attire and jewellery, an ethnic nose ring would be the perfect addition to complete your appearance. The good news is that you need not pierce your nose to be able to wear them on your wedding day, clip-on nose rings that look just as conventional as the others are offered today. Nose rings make an ethnic statement, so do not be reluctant to harness their power to change you into a sparkling, transcendent damsel.

Maang Tikka

Indian Bride Touching Maang Tikka

Bride Touching Her Maang Tikka

No Indian Bride can go without the traditional Maang Tikka that adorns her forehead. Maang tikkas are worn at the parting of your hair and have an old-world charm that will take you back in time. Maang tikkas come in numerous designs of varying styles; you can select one by remembering the nature of your forehead and the appearance your attempting to go for. If you have a broad forehead, a much heavier tikka will look sensational. If your forehead is smaller than average, a lighter maang tikka will look stylish and stylish. Maang tikkas typically come designed to match the rest of your jewellery. An upgrade to Maang Tikka would be the Matha Patti, which features decorated chains on both sides. Matha patti is created to radiate royalty and is without doubt must-have jewellery on your wedding.


Another inevitable piece of jewellery for the Indian bride is the locket. A well-crafted and elegant traditional necklace works wonders on your appearance. A locket not only impresses on your neck however also accentuates your overall charm. There are lots of kinds of lockets to choose from, depending upon your taste in jewellery and the overall theme of your clothing. These may range from bib lockets, the jadavi lacha (derived from the Nizams of Hyderabad), mango haaram, addigai and so on. These varieties add a dash of etherealness to your overall aura, so do not forget to include them to your need to- have jewellery list.

Jhumka Earrings

When you wear a beautiful necklace or a regal rani haar, it is vital that you do not let the ears go bare. Your earrings must match the pendant and other jewellery you’re going to wear, these however, need not necessarily be heavy or protruding. An earring is something you need to wear throughout the day, so it is important that you choose it to be light enough so that you can wear it for prolonged durations. Having actually chosen your convenience level, you can try out the designs. Beautiful Jhumka earrings are a must have for every bride, and remember, no matter how little a part you think it plays, your earrings will certainly be seen.

Wedding Bangles

Bride Showing the Wedding Bangles she is wearing

Bride Showing the Bangles she is Wearing


Bangles need no real introduction to be included in any list. Indian brides-to-be are known for their impressive and costly ethnic bracelets. Any standard bride-to-be is a vision in these clinking, amazing crafted jewellery embellishing her arms. There is no lack of great bangle styles in India. Be it the chooda or polki bracelets from the north or the traditional Kerala kappu, you have a myriad of designs to choose from. Being the conventional Indian bride-to-be, you can even proceed and make a statement by wearing the dangling kaleere bracelets.

Kamarbandh or Waistband

Waistbands are the most sensuous pieces of wedding jewellery. They can be layered or thin, studded or beaded, and can be of differing lengths and designs. They surround the waist and highlight your attire and waist alike. There is no jewellery more captivating than a beautiful Kamar bandh as it complements sarees and lehengas and enhances your upper body.

Antique Ring

Rings are important elements of the wedding sets. As a bride, you would already have a finger reserved for the engagement ring but why limit to that when you have excellent antique rings that feature the wedding event set! Designer antique rings in gold with a big diamond or pearl in the center, and with small emeralds or rubies studded around them are back in vogue. These heavy rings would work completely with your matching jewellery and bridal lehenga and add sparkle on your special day.

Anklet and Toe rings

Anklets are used by bride-to-bes all over India for factors more than one. While they are appealing, they are likewise ethnic and otherworldly. Anklets, coupled with toe rings would do magic to your delicate feet. Anklets are a womanly necessity as they change your feet from typical to divine when coupled with Mehendi and toe rings. Toe rings signify the married status of a woman in many customs. Do we require to await an occasion more apt than your wedding to wear these little damsels?

Hand harness/ hathphool

A hand harness is a beautiful piece of jewellery endured the back of the palm. We have Madhuri Dixit embedded in our memories, dancing to maar daala with her beautifully decorated hands sliding rhythmically in the air. Hand harnesses bespangle your palm and embellish your fingers and are maybe the most poetic pieces of jewellery to be crafted. Paired with a coordinating ring, and in tune with the rest of the jewellery, this is the most unique piece of jewellery that would bejewel the great Indian bride.

Apart from these important pieces, if interested, you can likewise provide a thought of armlets, studded saree pins, foot harnesses, saree brooches, etc. Remember that this is your big day … leave no stone unturned in your pursuit to be the beautiful bride!

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