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Guide To Buying Gold Jewellery


Why Should I Buy Gold Jewellery?

The planet has been in love with gold ever since it had been discovered, early on in Human History becoming a symbol of wealth and store of value. It’s known as a precious metal given it’s high financial value and limited supply in relation to its high demand. Gold was the standard where the values of most currencies worldwide had been based until recently; due to confidence in its power to keep it’s relative value over the long haul. At times of difficulty, folks frequently default to easily portable valuables including gold, diamonds and other precious metals and gems. Gold continues to be the preferred metal for rings within the west and to an extent the east also for many years. It’s really unusual that couples exchange rings other than gold rings when getting married. In some Asian Cultures, money is actually transferred unto the newlyweds in the form of Diamond & Gold Jewellery.

  • Gold is extremely malleable therefore continues to be the preferred metal for jewellers. Additionally, its in some sense a symbol of immortality being that it does not rust or decay like almost all other materials.
  • If the Gold becomes dull, simply giving it a quick polish will restore it’s mesmerizing shine.
  • Gold is virtually invulnerable to environmental degradation. Will last forever in most cases.
  • Gold will keep it’s value with time and it is easily marketable if you need to sell.
  • Gold is very easy to handle so you are going to get the most incredible looking jewellery made of gold.
  • Everybody loves gold.

What kind of Gold Should I Buy?

Before purchasing gold jewellery the most crucial thing to think about is the reason for the purchase. This’s crucial since it is going to help you figure out how much money you will want to budget, what type and the quality of jewellery to purchase and from where to purchase it.
In case you’re just thinking about purchasing a gold band for casual daily wear with no special significance, you may not care so much about the caliber of the supplier or the ring as long as appears great while its worn. In for example, you’re purchasing an engagement ring or maybe a wedding band, you’d better pay even more attention to the caliber of the ring and also the level of service you are able to expect from the provider. A wedding band, we hope, will be valued for a very long time and also you are going to want the love of your life to recognize you put a little thought in the choice of the band. You want the ideal ring so you have to ensure your supplier has an excellent return and exchange policy while being easily contactable.

[blockquote]The different types of gold jewellery are made through the process of mixing other metals with pure gold, and whether the piece of jewellery is formed as a solid piece, plated or maybe hollow.[/blockquote]

Making Gold Jewellery

Goldsmith Tools used for creating Gold Jewellery

Gold Quality

Pure gold doesn’t tarnish or rust, and those that are sensitive to some metals are rarely allergic to pure gold. Nevertheless, pure gold is extremely smooth and easily bendable. It also comes at a premium price. So to make it practical for jewellery to be worn daily, it is often mixed with other metals to improve its qualities for these purposes while reducing the cost.

Gold jewellery is generally marked 22K, 18K, 14K, or sometimes 10K. The higher the Karat (k) the higher the percentage of pure gold contained within the piece.

22K Gold – 22/24 Pure Gold | 2/24 Other Metals | 91.66% Gold Content.

18K Gold – 18/24 Pure Gold | 6/24 Other Metals | 75% Gold Content.

14K Gold – 14/24 Pure Gold | 10/24 Other Metals | 58.3% Gold Content.

12K Gold – 12/24 Pure Gold | 12/24 Other Metals | 50% Gold Content.

10K Gold – 10/24 Pure Gold | 14/24 Other Metals | 41.7% Gold Content.

[blockquote]Pure Gold is marked as 24K.[/blockquote]


European Markings

Jewellery sourced from Europe will often be marked in a different way, often using number to indicate the percentage of Gold contained within the Jewellery.

22K Gold – 916 | 91.6% Gold Content

18K Gold – 750 | 75% Gold

14K Gold – 585 | 58.5% Gold

12K Gold – 417 | 41.7% Gold

Genuine gold jewellery should have, in addition to marking indicating its Karat, it should also possess a hallmark which identifies its source. Sometimes the country of origin for the piece may be included.

[blockquote class=”style1″]Sometimes the Hallmark and Country will be left out on small delicate items of Jewellery.[/blockquote]


Colors of Gold

Obviously Pure Golds colour is indeed Gold. However, gold can be made into jewellery of different and exciting colours by mixing different metals to it. When other metals are mixed to pure gold it becomes a Gold Alloy. Any gold alloy from 22K, down to 10K can still be termed solid gold.

If the Gold is less than 10K, it is no longer classed as Solid Gold.

White Gold: Formed by mixing Nickel or Palladium to pure gold.

Rose Tint Gold: Formed by mixing copper to pure gold.

Greenish Cast Gold: Formed by mixing silver to pure gold

White Gold Wedding Rings

Gold Coated Jewellery

Applying a covering of gold on lesser value metals has always been a method of creating jewellery which appears to look like gold but isn’t as costly to create. This’s OK as long as the customer is actually informed that the portion of jewellery they’re purchasing is not SOLID Gold and as long as they’re also aware of the quality level of the plating.


Gold Filled Jewellery

Gold filled jewellery is typically 14k gold which is then heavy-layered over sterling silver. Most recently made gold filled jewellery have markings which indicate the exact amount and what gold type was used for the layer. A marking that says 1/20 12K G.F. means that the jewellery should be a minimum of 1/20th 12K gold based on weight. Gold filled jewellery will most often retain its coating longer than gold plated jewellery.


Gold Plated Jewellery

The thickness of the gold layer in gold plated jewelry is often thinner when compared with the gold in gold filled jewellery. This means the gold plating usually wears away at a quicker rate with use. Nevertheless, all gold plating isn’t the same. Some will be thicker or more even than other pieces and subsequently may keep its true gold finish for longer. A high quality piece of Gold Plating can be comparable in some instances to Gold Filled Jewellery.

Dangers to Watch out for

Gold plated jewellery is able to offer a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure to the customer. So long as they understand what they’re purchasing. It’s unfortunate, but there are still unscrupulous dealers out there that attempt to pass off gold plated jewellery as solid gold.

You can help protect yourself against this by doing the following.

  1. Look carefully at the markings on the jewellery
  2. Observe the colour.
  3. Feel the weight in relation to the size of the jewelry
  4. Most importantly, know whom you are buying your Jewellery from. If you’re not sure take an expert on Jewellery with you when buying.

So Now You’re Ready To Take The Step

When purchasing gold always aim to buy solid gold if your budget allows. This will likely last you a lifetime, many lifetimes actually. Anything from 10k to 22k or even 24K is good if used for investment purposes. If you’re sensitive to nickel or perhaps other metals then you must try to buy the higher karat gold jewellery such as 18k or even better 22k gold. It is going to cost more but you are able to offset this by purchasing  smaller pieces of jewelry or purchasing fewer pieces and just buying ones with higher pure gold content. Your skin is still your valuable and important most piece of jewellery and you need to treat it appropriately. Gold plated and gold filled jewelry is fantastic for fashion jewellery that won’t be subjected to heavy usage. And oh yes, try not to use your gold plated or gold filled jewellery when washing up or using detergents. Although not as durable or valuable, gold plated and gold filled jewellery is much cheaper and will remain in sparkling good condition if proper care is taken.

[blockquote]When wearing Jewellery always remember that a happy and confident wearer is able to make almost any piece of Jewellery look fabulous and even more valuable.[/blockquote]

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