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Luxury 22k Gold RaniHaar Designs with Price

What is a Rani Haar Necklace?

The Rani Haar Design is an Indian Style of Long Necklace.

These pieces tend to be of the highest quality with some being made in the Kundan way, with beautiful Kundan Gems covering the piece in addition to 22k or 24k Gold. Other types are made with just solid gold with no additional gems. The Rajasthan region of India is highly renowned for their skill in producing stunning Rani Gold Haar Jewellery Designs.

What Rani Haar Means?

The meaning was tricky for me to track down, but according to Kalaabhushan Blog it says ‘I have created this Rani Haar Literally Meaning – The Queen’s Necklace.’

From another site which seems more ‘respectable’ (slightly) – it translates it as simply Long Necklace. It is discussing the history of jewellery and speaks of India’s earliest history during the era of Hindustan.

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What Designs Will You Find Here

This particular selection is a mix of the two, with both Kundan Rani Haar Designs and the more simple yet luxurious 22k Solid Yellow Gold Pieces. Most of the designs are of the Simple Gold only variety.

These are all from Kalyan Jewellers and are of the highest quality in a Traditional Indian Fashion Style. The Rani Haar Long Necklace is often worn as bridal jewellery, along with a Choker Necklace, Maang Tikka and other bridal pieces.

Where does the Rani Haar Originate from?

The first known era that the Rani Haar Style of Necklace was heard about, is way back among the earliest known civilizations of Man. Its said that it was a piece from Hindustan before even the first Rumoured Emperor of the World. The Indians were the masters of Jewellery Design of the highest qualities, while this was unknown to the rest of the more primitive world at the time.


We Should Mention Ancient Egypt

The first recorded established civilization for intricate jewellery with evidence was the Ancient Egyptians.


Gold The Preferred Metal for Jewellery

With gold being the preferred metal in the creation due to its work-ability, rarity and being the regarded as symbolic of the sun. An interesting property of Gold is it never rusts or tarnishes in its pure form, leading to religious connections to immortality and the everlasting sentiment around the Sun.

God of Sun Horus in Ancient Egypt

The Culture in that era and times since has made Jewellery Making an absolute centre piece to civilization, elaborate designs such as the Rani Haar necklace and other weighty pure gold pieces like the Hansdi and Choker. There was a type for almost every part of the body, each with numerous different styles and designed often with 24k pure gold.

The Kundan Choker Necklace Design originates from the Indian region Royal Courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat – the kundan style of jewellery began during the Mughal era. Formed with Uncut Diamonds, and Polished multicoloured gems to create an exquisite piece. Later these same methods were used with silver and faux gold, which opened it up to the common people.

Types of Necklace Designs India

Types of Rani Haar

There are multiple different styles of Indian Necklace, with them often grouped by length and number of strands. The Naulakha type possesses 9 strands, while the Satlada is one down with 7 strands.

Princess Style

The Princess Style of Rani Haar will be between 17 and 19 inches in length, it can vary in number of strands but is the standard size for most Haar designs. 

Rani Haar Necklace

This piece is crafted with Kundan and other precious gemstones such as emeralds, rubies and uncut diamonds. It brings elegance and great beauty to the wearer. It can be worn as a standalone piece or as part of a set often with matching jhumka earrings.

Satlada  Necklace

This piece is an elaborate piece, which is made of usually three strings but sometimes far more. This type is usually made up of pearls and yellow gold.

Lariat Necklace

This piece is an elaborate piece, which is made of usually three strings but sometimes far more. This type is usually made up of pearls and yellow gold.

These Fashion Jewellery pieces certainly look the bit, they might not have the same durability and lasting shine – however they can be purchased for a fraction of the price.

Fashion Jewellery is largely imitation, tending to use less precious gems and 1 gram plated gold to cut the cost significantly. These are highly affordable designs.

These imitation Rani Haar Necklaces will not be of the highest quality, and will wear out quickly – but if your looking for the look at much lower prices Amazon has a huge range of such pieces!

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