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Gold Nathiya Designs

Bridal Nath Designs with Price & Weight (2020)

Explore our favourite selection of Gold Nathiya Designs, Nath Nose Rings are shown with Price & Weight.


These Bridal Nose Rings are the perfect choice for your wedding day, being lightweight so easy to wear daily due to them being around 10 grams in weight.


These designs are certainly beautiful with many of them using the traditional ethnic styling of India.


Gold naths is a strictly festive wear jewellery. Besides being crafted in sheer yellow gold, the colourful gemstones also make these nath designs a great accessory for any party. Whether it’s your sisters wedding or your cousin’s baby shower, these add so much to your ensemble.


The Gold nath is the signature jewellery of Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, Rajasthanis, etc. However it has become quite popular among Indian brides in general.


Ancient Hindu beliefs indicate that it helps women to endure the pain during child birth and menstruation among other benefits. With other wedding Jewellery also offering varying benefits to the wearer, according to tradition such as toe rings and others jewellery types.

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What is a Gold Nath, Nathiya or Nose Ring?

Indian Bride Wearing a Gold Nathiya

You’re unlikely to see an Indian wedding without the bride and many other guests covered in elaborate jewellery.  

The Gold Nath is one of the truly iconic pieces that distinguishes the Indian Bride, alongside the Maang Tikka and Mangalsutra.


What is a Gold Nath?

A nose ring design worn by brides and married women in many parts of India. Its often larger, heavier and more fancy than regular wear nose ring designs.


Types of Nath Designs

There are various styles of bridal nose rings with the ones shown here, possessing a beautiful nose ring connected to the hair via an elaborate gold chain. 

There are also types of nathiya which do not have the connecting chain such as the Maharastrian Nath, and the 22 karat plain gold designs.


What is the Gold Nathiya Made With?

Normally these are made with 22K Yellow Gold and adorned with bright and colourful gemstones, giving them a most dazzling appearance. 

Solid gold designs with intricate styles are sometimes preferred instead of the colourful gemstone nose ring design. 


History of the Gold Nath

Its believed to of been brought to India by the Mughals 100’s of years ago, becoming a standard bridal piece in many regions such as Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. 

In modern times the Nathiya has become popular across the world both as a fashion accessory and even for brides of other cultures.


When is the Nathiya Worn?

The Nath Nose Ring is normally worn only by a married woman, firstly on her wedding day and after that on festive occasions.


Different Types of Gold Nath

Latest Nathiya Offers & Deals

Latest Gold Nath Designs in 2020

So, if you’re still planning out your wedding jewellery collection, then we’d urge you to think about adding a nath to the same.


Sporting a bejewelled look takes a whole new meaning with the rich and totally traditional nose jewellery. Both sweetly feminine and appealing, these Golden Nathiyas from Candere by Kalyan Jewellers are the ideal accent to add up to your bridal appearance.


The enchanting and the aesthetic designs will surely outshine all your jewellery pieces. Recent celebrity brides haven’t shied away from choosing a traditional nath design for their big day.

11.38 Gram Gold Nathiya by Kalyan Jewellers with Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


A most exquisite gemstone nath made with over 10 grams of 22 Karat Yellow Gold. A fine piece for any Indians Bridal Wear Collection.

Brings forth a sleek and mesmerising style with its use of beautiful coloured gems and traditional design.

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 50,812

Gemstone: Rs. 2,904

Making Charges: Rs. 23,898

GST: Rs. 1,970

11.52 Gram Bridal Nathiya Design with Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


Looking for a colourful gold nath to pep up your traditional wear? Go for this entrancing tri-coloured nath. Wear it with your saree or ghagra to turn heads at weddings and other celebratory events!

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 51,437

Gemstone: Rs. 6,798

Making Charges: Rs. 24,192

GST: Rs. 2,110

Bridal Gold Nathiya Design in 10 Grams with Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


The little heart shapes, the floral centrepiece, and the dangling red gemstone on this gold nathiya make it look absolutely stunning. Pair it with a saree, salwar or ghagra to look radiant!

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 47,909

Gemstone: Rs. 5,170

Making Charges: Rs. 22,533

GST: Rs. 1,930

Gold Nathiya Design for Brides in 10.75 Grams With Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


With a golden beaded chain and a decorative centrepiece with embedded semi-precious stones of multiple colours, the nath has a very elegant and ethnic look to sport on traditional occasions.

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 47,999

Gemstone: Rs. 4,598

Making Charges: Rs. 22,575

GST: Rs. 1,917

Kalyan Jewellers 9.18 Gram Gold Nathiya With Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


This beautiful gold and gemstone nath will complete your traditional look with élan. The multi-coloured gemstones and the floral pattern in the centre add an eye-catching sparkle to your sarees and salwars.

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 40,989

Gemstone: Rs. 8,228

Making Charges: Rs. 20,196

GST: Rs. 1,779

Kalyan Jewellers 10.86 Gram Gold Nath Design with Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


Enthral the crowds on your special day in this exquisite gold nathiya! The red kundan gemstones add a pop of vibrant colour and add glamour to your traditional outfits.

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 48,490

Gemstone: Rs. 7,524

Making Charges: Rs. 22,806

GST: Rs. 2,023

Kalyan Jewellers 11.4 Gram Gold Nath With Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


Mesmerize your audience at any gathering in this magnificent 22K gold nath. The red and green gemstones add a smattering of vibrant colour and sparkle to your traditional wear.

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 50,901

Gemstone: Rs. 2,860

Making Charges: Rs. 23,940

GST: Rs. 1,970

Kalyan Jewellers 11.5 Gram 22KT Nathiya With Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


Bewitch your onlookers in this stunning gold and gemstone nath! The vibrancy of the red and green stones and the beautiful design add panache to your sarees, ghagras, and chudidhars.

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 51,348

Gemstone: Rs. 6,292

Making Charges: Rs. 24,150

GST: Rs. 2,091

Kalyan Jewellers 11.14 Gram 22KT Nath with Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


This golden nath is an exquisite ornament made for traditional occasions with multiple semi-precious stones to enhance the beauty of the piece. The different elements give it an old age charm.

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 49,740

Gemstone: Rs. 3,652

Making Charges: Rs. 23,394

GST: Rs. 1,953

Kalyan Jewellers 11.37 Gram Nathiya in Gold With Price & Weight

Kalyan Jewellers


Searching for a Bridal Nath to match your green or red saree? Go for this stunning gold nath with green, red, and white gemstones. It is sure to captivate your onlookers at any gathering!

Price Breakdown

Metal: Rs. 50,767

Gemstone: Rs. 2,552

Making Charges: Rs. 23,877

GST: Rs. 1,958

Gold Nath Designs - Stunning Images of Brides

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