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Latest Gold Haram Designs | 40 + Grams

Check The Latest Gold Haram Designs from The Top Jewellers in India including Kalyan Jewellers, WHP Jewellers and Tanishq. We will be taking a look at many Gold Haram Necklaces in 40 Grams and above, these are often worn during Weddings and Religious Occasions – thanks to their extravagant beauty and high price.

The Focal Point for any Womans Jewellery Collection are Gold Haar Necklaces, and as such its often the most precious and expensive of all Bridal Wear. We’re sure you’re going to be looking for the perfect design and just maybe, it’ll be Your lucky day and it appears among the selection of Harams below!

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About The Gold Haram

Traditionally, a haram pays obeisance to the Goddesses of wealth, strength, or knowledge and thereby depicts Lakshmi, Amba, or Saraswati in its pendants. These are very important additions a brides attire during Marriages and other auspicious occasions. 

The magnificence and majestic aura of a haar design cannot be described in words. Such is the effect of this quintessential piece of jewellery in the sub-continent, especially in South India, that no wedding could be complete in its absence. It adorns the neck splendidly that anything else fades in comparison. No wonder that there are so many cherished and unique variations to this exquisite piece of jewellery.

WHP Jewellers

Finding the perfect Long Gold Haram is made easy at WHP Jewellers, renowned for their traditional and dazzling pieces you are likely to find a delightful piece. This is certainly a shop for those seeking out the 40 gram and designs of higher weights, which is a specialty of Waman Hari Pethe.

Sometimes Better Prices can be found on Amazon for WHP Jewellers Harams. So be sure to check on there before your final purchase!

Did You Know?

Many Indians still use an older measurement system to find their gold jewellery online. A Gold Haar Design in 40 grams is the equivalent of 5 Savaran Gold Haram Designs and 5 Pavan Gold HaramsThe Savaran, Pavan, and Pawan all equal approximately 8 grams in the metric system.

Officially the weight is 7.98805 Grams, but for general purposes, this is rounded up to 8 grams when buying and selling Gold Jewellery in India.

Gold Long Haram Designs in 40 Grams

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