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Mens Punjabi Gold Kada Design

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Selection of Mens Gold Kadas

Kada (or Kara)

The Kada is traditionally an Iron Bangle worn by all Sikhs. Men wear it on the right hand while Women on the left. It represents the Prana or life force and is a symbol of an unbreakable commitment to God [1]. Its of a circular shape and this shows that there is no beginning or end, in line with the eternal nature of God.


A Sikh pledges to dedicate ones actions in the service of the creator and this is also symbolic of this, additionally the Iron used within the Kada is said to give the wearer courage and fearlessness. 


The Kada is traditionally meant to be Iron, but Steel is most commonly worn.


Wearing a Gold Kada

Its ok to wear a Kada made in Gold if its in addition to your Iron or Steel one. A gold kada would give a meaning of purity, which alters the original meaning and reason to wearing one as a Sikh.


Iron is used in part due to its strength, yet vulnerability to rust, resulting in a need to revitalize it else it loses its strength and breaks.


That being said Mens Gold Kadas are very popular in Punjab, India, more so as Jewellery rather than an article of faith for the reasons stated above.


For further emphasis, Iron should be worn, for the piece symbolizing the Sikhs commitment to the religion.

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