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16 to 24 Gram Lightweight Gold Necklace Collection Designs For Ladies, Women and Girls

See The Latest Lightweight 16 – 24 Gram Gold Necklaces Designs With Price, Weight & Where To Buy Online in India.

We aim to give you an experience, unlike others, when viewing such beautiful Jewellery – no more to just photos floating across a screen with low-quality music!

These are some of our favourite Gold Necklaces made in 18 & 22K Gold for Women & Girls, from one of Indians best known Jewellers.


Treat Yourself or a loved one with some beautiful and stylish Gold Necklaces, bring a look of splendour and a dazzle to her with some fairly weighty necklaces in 16 to 24 grams!

If your really looking to go top of the line, check out these stunning necklaces from Kalyan Jewellers Here.


Latest 22K Gold Necklaces  – Price & Weight

Bluestone offers a huge selection of Gold Necklaces, ranging from simple designs to fancy ones full of Gemstones & Diamonds. Varying across many price ranges, but it caters only to fine jewellery.

You can click the image of these pieces or click the  ‘Buy Here’ link to go to the website where you can buy these earrings online in India.


BlueStone – The Lau Station 21 Gram Gold Necklace

21 Gram Gold Necklace

A beautiful and Delicate piece comes in just 22K Gold with no fancy Gems – the design is however fairly intricate yet simple. This Necklace comes in 21.46 grams and this is only just under 1 lakh – so a pricey piece.  Try One of These Ruby Drop Earrings, to go with these Necklaces.

Price = 96,187 Rs

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BlueStone – The Freida 16 Grams Gold Necklace

Necklace in 16 Grams of 22K Gold

These baby earrings are in the shape of a bow, coming in 2.843 Grams of 22K Gold. Would look incredibly cute as part of your Babies collection of jewellery!

Take A look at these Gold Necklace Designs in 10 Grams from BlueStone if you’re looking for something a little lighter in weight.

Price = 55,688 Rs

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BlueStone – The Chaandri Gold Medallion Necklace

Necklace in 18 Grams Gold

These are some beautiful small Kids gold earrings, so cute and perfect for any young girl to wear. Not too flashy, but just enough to give that glimmer and radiance.

It’s an affordable pair at around 5,000 Rupees, yet still comes with 22k quality gold – albeit only 1.218 grams. Yet this makes them very light and suitable for younger girls.

The price below corresponds to the 22K variant, but an 18k version is available for a lower cost.

Price = 67,658 Rs

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BlueStone – Trilateral Station 22K 19 Gram Gold Necklace

22k Simple Gold Necklace

This design comes with 19 Grams of 22k gold and costs a fair amount as such, but if you’re in the market for this karat of gold and weight –  then you can’t go wrong with this if you’re looking for something interesting, yet not over the top.

Price = 69,212 Rs

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Please bear in mind that prices are likely to change and these are only accurate as of 04/11/2018. Please ensure you take a look at the most recent data through the links on the website above, before deciding on the purchase.


3 Breathtaking Gold Necklace Designs in 16 Grams to 24 Grams


Queen Victoria 22KT Gold Necklace Design for Women in 16 Grams

This necklace comes from the Goldlites Collection by PC Chandra Jewellers, using a historical theme with the British Empire featured within some of the pieces. This necklace, in particular, is beautifully designed and has Queen Victoria Coins as the pendant part of it, the chain is made up of 3 unique sections with a simple chain link, into a finer chain with more intricacy followed by a solid sheath surrounding the final section. It’s a nice 16 Gram Gold Necklace.


P.C. Chandra Jewellers 22KT Yellow Gold Necklace for Women

 out of stock
as of September 29, 2022 2:13 pm


  • This necklace is made of 22kt yellow gold
  • Bis hallmarked
  • The product is 17 inches and is 0.3 cms in width
  • The product comes with manufacturer warranty
  • Packed in a velvet case box

22KT Gold Choker Necklace Design for Women in 19 Grams

This is a breathtaking piece, with a beautiful sturdy 22k gold choker chain with a large and incredible pendant. The image itself will give you what you need! It’s a precious 19-gram gold choker necklace piece from one of my favourite jewellers, Waman Hari Pethe.

  • Brand = WHP Jewellers
  • Weight = 19 gms 22K Yellow Gold


WHP Jewellers 22k (916) Yellow Gold Choker Necklace

 out of stock
as of September 29, 2022 2:13 pm


  • This necklace is made from 22k gold
  • This product is set in 22k gold certified by BIS hallmark
  • 90% buyback value for gold products on prevailing rates in WHP stores across India
  • 85% buyback value for diamond products on prevailing rates in WHP stores across India
  • To ensure a secured delivery experience, delivery associate will request for a government issued photo ID of the customer at the time of order delivery


Colourful 22KT Gold, Pearl & Coral Necklace For Women in 26 Grams

This is slightly above the 24 grams that the associated video is about, but I have fallen in love with this beautiful piece and want to share it with you all. If you click through to see all the images, I think you may well too!

A very fancy necklace, full of pearls and given brightness by the coral. Possesses 19 natural pearls weighing 0.77 grams in total, 19 pieces of red coral weighing 0.72 grams in addition to 26 grams of 22k gold, beautifully crafted into this stunning gold necklace.

  • Brand = Lagu Bandhu
  • Collection = Fancy
  • Weight = 26 gms 22K Yellow Gold
  • Gemstones = 0.72 grams of Natural Pearls | 0.72 grams Red Coral


Lagu Bandhu 22KT Yellow Gold, Pearl and Coral Necklace for Women

 out of stock
as of September 29, 2022 2:13 pm


  • This necklace is made of 22KT yellow gold
  • BIS hallmarked
  • Adorned with real pearl and coral
  • The product is 23 mm in length and 17.29 mm in width
  • The product comes with seller warranty

Product Description

With over 80 years of rich unparalleled traditional experience in designing real pearls and diamond-studded jewellery, "Lagu Bandhu" is a name characterized by wide variety, excellent quality and maximum reliability. What started as a family business a few decades ago has blossomed into a well-organized setup with its exclusive showrooms at Mumbai (Dadar and Borivali), Thane, Dombivali, Pune (Karve Road and Aundh), Goa, and Oklahoma, USA. "Lagu Bandhu" has been the trusted house of authentic Bhagya Ratnas (Navagraha stones) which now come with a Laboratory Test Certificate (optional) which becomes a value addition! We are offering you exclusive custom-made jewellery to suit your specific needs, unlike branded jewellery in which you can get only mass produced designs. At Lagu Bandhu you will find exclusive jewellery of Diamond, Pearl and Precious Stones. You can choose from the best of traditional and contemporary Pearl jewellery. Vibrant and colourful jewellery made out of...

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