1 Tola Gold Chain Designs With Price in India

In the modern era, weights of Gold Chains are usually listed in grams online, and someone using more traditional Indian measures in their search for Gold Jewellery will have to convert over to the metric system which for 1 Tola is 11.664 grams.

We at DGEXP Fashion however, believe your search should be simple and this page is designed to list all the 1 Tola Gold Chain Designs available online for your convenience.

Due to Online stores listing their weights in grams we have found all the Gold Chains on our list of recommended Jewellers and Retailers that range from 11 – 12 Grams (Approximately 1 Tola).

These Chains will mostly be 22 Carat as are standard for most Indians, but 18 Carat will also be shown. In addition below you will find chains listed for Men and Women separately.


1 Tola Gold Chain Designs

Did You Know?

The Tola is a Vedic measure and served as the base unit in the British Indian system of weights starting in 1833. It was officially replaced by the Metric system in 1956, but is still used in many places in Asia including India. 

Most Jewellers Online use Metric Weights Exclusively, so searching 1 Tola Gold Chains often has uninspiring results but here you will find Gold Chains between 10 and 13 Grams. Many will be around the 11.663 Grams that a Tola represents, but the range was widened to increase selection.


Mens 1 Tola Gold Chains

Take a look through the range of 1 Tola Gold Chains for Men below, click ‘Show Next’ to load additional products. These Gold Chains in One Tola of Weight (~11.64 Grams) range from around 80k up to 100k INR depending on length and Purity, you will be able to customise many of these pieces by clicking the desired product below.

Womens 1 Tola Gold Chains

Looking for 1 Tola Gold Chains for Women? then take a look below for a range of designs available to buy online at Amazon, Candere, and other Online Stores in India.

These Gold Chains range between 11 and 12 Grams, with many 11.3-11.7 grams in weight.

Affiliate Disclaimer

DGEXP Fashion covers different types of Indian Jewellery Designs and to help you find these online to buy we link to stores such as Amazon, Flipkart and various Indian Jewellers. We have an affiliate partnership to some of the retailers so may receive a commission on any purchases you may make through our links.

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